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Updated  May 20, 2014

** MiniEquine Photography does not alter the conformation of animals **


McCarthys Aloha Silent Partner ~ 2014



MiniEquine Code Of Silence ~ Cody  

By McCathys Aloha Silent Partner

MiniEquine Code of Silence ~  2014 weanling stallion




Aloha Acres Training Center  ~ Triple Registered Stallions 2014

Sawmill River Farm ~ 2013



Phillmar Dobermans

"The Girls"



Teri Tevlin ~ PJ






Some of our Clients .....

Aloha Acres Training Center ~ 2014

Aloha Acres Training Center


Aloha Partners Black Label

Owned by the Benton Family  Rowan Creek Farm






Nirvana Training Center ~ Emily Conder



2013 AMHR Nationals


            Melinda Selk                                  Stephanie Forbes                          Claudia Sneed


                                  Claudia Sneed                                                   Margaret Miller

Margaret Miller


                                             Lisa Strassle                                             Jenny Coleman


                                                                      Jenny Coleman


                Desiree Wallace                       Bill & Susie Minshall                         Ten L Training


                                    Jewella Daily                                           Diane Connolly


Jamie Sanders


                            Bill & Susie Minshall                                             Heather & Shannon Troglauer


                                                         Heather & Shannon Troglauer


                                                                        Vicki Tobin



Amanda Benton and Family



The Donner Family ~ Landin, Chris & Darrin





Reece Family Miniatures ~ Toni  Reece






Danielle Hill Training Center ~ Danielle Hill *Peas









El Rancho Loco




Frost Hill Farm





SFR Transport ~ 860-933-7668








Ravenwood Miniatures


Craig Westergaard & Bryal Hall

Ravenwood Miniatures




Erica's Tiny Trotters


Strasslein Stables ~ Mike & Lisa Strassle

Strasslein Stables











Aloha Acres Training Center




Limestone Miniatures




2013 AMHR Nationals



Tibbs Family Miniatures



Cross Country Farm ~ BB Training Center


Lightening Ridge Miniature Horses



Frost Hill Farm




MiniEquine Farm ~ Amber Idol




Phillmar Nikon Dob Mann


Powder House Pet Resort



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Family and Baby Portraits and More Stuff  !    :)





























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